Wednesday, September 28, 2005



I am glad to see that you are writing again. I am guessing she likes the attention.


Wow. I can't believe her remarks. This quote is telling (from the link you included):

"I actually think the mainstream media has been doing a good job of pointing out the dropped balls in the Gulf States. However, CNN and other mainstream news outlets ALWAYS report other news besides the illegal occupation of Iraq."

She's COMPLAINING because the news was focused on a hurricane of EPIC proportions, that had taken out a whole coastline, killing and injuring thousands of people and ravaging entire communities, and she's WHINING because the news wasn't focusing on HER and her cause!! This lady is nuts!

And then she goes on to criticize the news for covering Terry Schiavo, she's upset, because they weren't focusing on HER cause? Saying it was an upset for 'one family'!! Nevermind that the nation was debating; right to life, quality of life, medical rights, etc., HUGE issues that were dividing the nation, but CNN/the news shouldn'tve been focusing on that?

" I was also disappointed that that tragedy superseded the protest coverage. Wolf Blitzer called our protests: Insignificant."

She's crazy! And apparently, very self-focused. I guess she hasn't realized that her tragedy (and nobody is saying that having your child die is NOT a tragedy, it's the worst thing I can imagine), but that her tragedy, if we boil it down to the same logic she's using, only affects HER family as well.

And a bit self important too...

"Saturday was the most important event in peace history in decades."

Aye carumba. I'm sorry. I have really actually been trying to AVOID the Sheehan discussion, as I can imagine that that kind of grief would make you do and say crazy things. But the things she's saying sound more like her character than her grief talking.

I love some of the comments, I'm glad people called her on her c*ap.

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